10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➬ Before Sundown (Legend of the Dawn #3) ➳ J.R. Wright – Ladybooks.us

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    Terrible grammar in places Historical inconsistencies kitchen ranges weren t availableUntil after the War of the Rebellion Would not recommend this trilogy unless one were stranded or snowed in.

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    I really enjoyed this series It taught me a lot about the indians, their ways, and how badly the government treated them It was also a good love story spanning over 50 years.

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    I read this book much like I read the first two as fast as I possibly could The author has weaved such a beautiful tale, that I couldn t wait to find out if he finally found Breanne.The book begins nearly 15 years after we see Sarah and Luke head west During this time, they build a ranch that flourishes, get married and build a life together They have a daughter that they name Abigail after Luke s mother, but she passes within a week of her birth Sarah is his partner in every way, and it so I read this book much like I read t...

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