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8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography To Be A Great Photographer Today There Are So Many Different Things To Learn It Can Be Overwhelming In Addition To Being A Skilled Photographer, The Jobs That Used To Belong To Lab Technicians, Marketers, Web Designers And Business Managers Now Belong To You But There Is A Way To Accelerate The Learning Curve And Make Great Images Right Away.In 8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography Anne McKinnell, A Full Time Nomadic Photographer, Identifies 8 Core Knowledge Areas That Are Essential For Today S Photographer And She Shares The Quickest And Most Effective Techniques In Each Area So You Can Accelerate Your Learning Curve.This EBook Will Help You Understand The Most Useful Camera Settings And When To Use Them Make Compelling Photographs That Are Than Snapshots Turn Your Photography Into Fine Art With Post Processing Let The Quality Of Light Show You What Kind Of Images To Make Find Your Niche, Your Unique Strengths And Style Create A Killer Portfolio That Gets Attention Get Your Photography On The Web And Build Your Audience And Make Money.In 4 Years Anne Went From Buying Her First DSLR To Having A Large Audience Online, A Popular And Successful Blog, And Images In And On The Cover Of Magazines And Photography Books.Now A Full Time Nomadic Photographer, Anne Recently Spent 1 Year Travelling Around North America Practicing Her Photography Skills And Experimenting With Different Techniques She Explored The Land As Well As The Vast Array Of Skills You Need To Become A Photographer Today In This EBook She Shares Those Skills With You So Your Rise To Photography Success Will Be Even Faster.Don T Leave Great Photographs For Some Day

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    If I were a just starting out photographer, I m sure I would give this ebook 4 stars there s enough good information here on the eight core knowledges, ranging from composition to making money, to at the very least let a neophyte know what he or she needs to learn about As one reviewer said of the book at where I got it free during a special offer , it s pretty good for beginners, but it should be marketed to that audience.Although I ve sold a few photos and earned honors for my work, I m not even close to being a professional Still, with the exception of an exposure lock button I didn t know exists, I really didn t learn much here except that the author a professional herself who s written four ebooks on photography takes absolutely gorgeous photographs that display beautifully on my Kindle And if you don t have or don t want or can t afford a DSLR camera, a good bit of what s included won t be of much help.The best advice, from my perspective at least, was in the final section on making money It s important, the a...

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    Solid, practical advice and instruction for the DSLR beginner and amateur Short, quick and easy reading Filled with practical advice and tips for improving your photos.

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