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Mumbo JumboThe Classic Freewheeling Look At Race Relations Through The Ages Mumbo Jumbo Is Ishmael Reed S Brilliantly Satiric Deconstruction Of Western Civilization, A Racy And Uproarious Commentary On Our Society In It, Reed, One Of Our Preeminent African American Authors, Mixes Portraits Of Historical Figures And Fictional Characters With Sound Bites On Subjects Ranging From Ragtime To Greek Philosophy Cited By Literary Critic Harold Bloom As One Of The Five Hundred Most Significant Books In The Western Canon, Mumbo Jumbo Is A Trenchant And Often Biting Look At Black White Relations Throughout History, From A Keen Observer Of Our Culture.

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    Reed is the sort of impish satirical crank whose Promethean intellect and restlessly zesty creativity tingles my funnybones, but whose books always leave me yearning for logic, understanding and clarity No exception here This one is your all out postmodern metatext, splicing citations and references and photos from other texts into the body of the main text a satire about a dancing pandemic called Jes Grew and despite the presentational panache of the novel, nestling beneath is really another relentless absurdist farce, albeit one written by a dazzling hyperbrain More to the point the references of whatever African African late 60s cultural moment under analysis are entirely ...

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    Dionysian counter punch to the Apollonian order enjoyed by all Atonists It swings To say we have it coming is an understatement I had it coming, what with after all that faith in fiction mumbo jumbo I was jiving upon reading my Mano Mano Mano Makes no difference what I say Jes Grew is upon you You know I ll tell history different But that s cuz I m a stuff d shirt Besides, Osiris is no dead or alive than Odin and Ze...

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    Mumbo Jumbo is an innovative novel with it s own original voice, which unfortunately turns rather clunky somewhere in the middle, and doesn t quite recover in the end The strength of the novel is in its playfulness There are some good parodic moments, and while the book indulges in some far flights of fancy in developing its conspiracy theories, it knows how to have fun with its own conceits, rather than deliver its material too dryly.There are certainly messages of social relevance within the work In that way it s a kind of coded text though you don t need an enigma machine to puzzle it out think something like Pig Latin While I m sure we re not meant to take it as literal truth, with 1000 year old white Knights Templar plotting in a grand conspiracy to keep the black man down because of the danger inherent in his dance, there s certainly plenty of fair criticism of art institutes as a form of cultural piracy, patronizing patrons who damn with faint praise, generational disconnect that prevents the youth from learning from the legacy of their elders, white America s contempt for Haiti and ignorance of its history, wishy washy white do gooders whose sympathy is suspect and unreliable, the indoctrination of some black folks to have contempt for their own race once they ve been given a chance to rise one or two steps above their brethren, and the hypocrisy o...

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    I m often leery when friends of mine lend me their favorite books How soon do you expect me to read this You know I have a stack of books the size of an end table still to read, right What if, though this has never before happened in the 25 years I ve been a regular reader, I should lose or damage the book Most intimidating of all, what if I don t like the read or what if I find it to be so bad that my opinion of you as a friend is changed due to your devotion to these pages After than a few heated arguments about the merits of a particular book with friends I ve had to place myself at a bit of a remove from things It s this same reason why I never recommend my favorite books for monthly book club reads I take reading personally than most, apparently So it was with much trepidation and nervousness that I accepted my friend James copy of this book Battered and well worn, with passages underlined and bracketed from multiple read throughs, this was obviously a well loved book I felt as though we were at a turning point in our friendship and this slim volume would be the pivot upon which the whole relationship would turn So I guess it s a good thing that I ended up rather enjoying this light hearted romp.Taking place in Prohibition era New York City, Ishmael Reed s Mumbo Jumbo charts the rise of ragtime and jazz as an infe...

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    Some great, witty, justifiably angry writing here, and some wonderful use of fragmentation and sampling but somehow it never cohered for me and, at times, I did actually find my interest waning a little, which is not a good sign for such a short book

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    Ishmael Reed takes a lot of Pynchonian ideas massive conspiracy theory, fundamental novelty and puts a distinct Afro futurist spin on them, and the result is phenomenal What makes Mumbo Jumbo unique is its remarkable merger of formal ...

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    For various and sundry reasons, it took me over twenty years after finding out about it to read this book I advise you not to procrastinate as long as I did Challenging, hilarious, thought provoking, and still utterly relevant, MUMBO JUMBO leaves you wondering where Jes Grew is growing now, and just how off the tracks our cultural train may be running If I could find Mr Reed s contact info, I d write him the book will foster loads of questions If you have read it, I suggest you check out any of Kip Hanrahan s CONJURE recordings, in which a stunning variety of black musicians Allen Touissaint, Alvin Youngblood Hart, David Murraythat ain t close to all bring many of the elements of MUMBO JUMBO to life, often with Mr Reed reading over them These recordings may be hard...

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    A challenging and jubilatory postmodern re vision of the mythical powers that be, MJ is a short but intense ride through the underbelly of the jousting hidden forces shaping history, religion, culture, and race relations, and it all comes to a head in the jazzy arena of 1920 s Harlem After a first flair up in 1890 s New Orleans, HooDoo Voodoo forces are once again alive and on the rise as Jes Grew, the psychic virus spreads and infects its carriers with the irresistable urge to jam, dance, and otherwise just get funky But the staid Atonist watchdogs, the Wallflower Order of the Knights of Templar, are vigilant and they intend to put a stop to the epidemic before it gets the upper hand And so begins a riotous and keen eyed romp from Harlem to ancient Egypt via Haiti, jam packed with real and fictional characters, references, and imagery As bizarre as the synopsis sounds, IR manages to inject even weirdness in his novel by prankishly fiddling with the form merging text with paratext, inserting seemingly random and or displaced photos and graphics throughout, experimental punctuation Some readers might find this to be pure 1970 s oblige gadgetry, but I loved the photos and graphics, which I found mostly oblique and off center, but not unrelated As a whole, this novel was a unique and engrossi...

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    Another one of those life altering books Takes two of my favorite things, satire and history, and completely turned it on its head I don t know what kind of writer I d be without Ishmael Reed.

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    Great concept and style but I don t think I ve been in the right mood for this kind of book.

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