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Connected Learning This Report Is A Synthesis Of Ongoing Research, Design, And Implementation Of An Approach To Education Called Connected Learning It Advocates For Broadened Access To Learning That Is Socially Embedded, Interest Driven, And Oriented Toward Educational, Economic, Or Political Opportunity Connected Learning Is Realized When A Young Person Is Able To Pursue A Personal Interest Or Passion With The Support Of Friends And Caring Adults, And Is In Turn Able To Link This Learning And Interest To Academic Achievement, Career Success Or Civic Engagement This Model Is Based On Evidence That The Most Resilient, Adaptive, And Effective Learning Involves Individual Interest As Well As Social Support To Overcome Adversity And Provide Recognition This Report Investigates How We Can Use New Media To Foster The Growth And Sustenance Of Environments That Support Connected Learning In A Broad Based And Equitable Way This Report Also Offers A Design And Reform Agenda, Grounded In A Rich Understanding Of Child Development And Learning, To Promote And Test Connected Learning Theories.The Research Is Conducted As Part Of The Connected Learning Research Network, Supported By The MacArthur Foundation S Digital Media And Learning Initiative The Research Network Is An Interdisciplinary Collaboration Among Researchers, Designers, And Practitioners To Advance An Evidence Driven Approach To Learning, The Design Of Learning Environments, And Educational Reform That Addresses Contemporary Problems Of Educational Equity.

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    This Connected Learning report, available free of charge online at through the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub should be required reading for all trainer teacher learners It offers an engaging peek at how the world of learning is evolving in ways that build communities and collective capacities for learning and opportunity includes the ideas that everyone can participate, learning happens by doing, challenge is constant, and everything is interconnected has several case studies that bring the topic to life and takes us to the heart of the possibilities that connected learning offers By the time we reach the end of the report, we have a clear understanding of the challenges and the rewards of adapting conne...

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