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    This is one of those books where I made notes and highlights upon nearly every page While all the arguments and even their details are important, in the interest of brevity I will try to summarize the key points from the book below.There are two major lessons of the Holocaust, different but of roughly equal importance The one that most people are familiar with positions the Holocaust as fundamentally an episode of Jewish history In this view the Holocaust was the culmination of centuries of anti Jewish sentiment in Europe, made virulent towards the end by the introduction of modern racial theories Popular European antipathy towards Jews eventually reached its apotheosis in the near total annihilation of the continent s Jewish communities by the Nazi regime This is fundamentally a story about the evils and dangers of racism, particularly anti Semitism It is a just and appropriate lesson to take away from the massive anti Jewish crime that was the Holocaust.There is, however, another lesson that we need to learn from the Holocaust In some ways it s an even unsettling one, since it seems that most of us have not learned it at all Most importantly, it hasn t been learned by the type people who actually committed the crime The Holocaust was carried out by educated, rational, thoroughly moder...

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    Bauman argues against the notion that the Holocaust was an essentially Jewish tragedy, traceable to uniquely German causes Rather, Bauman believes that the Holocaust was an outgrowth of modernity His conclusion is Habermasian in that he stresses the freedom of the state from social control as enabling the Holocaust, echoing Habermas famous proposition of the system s separation from and colonization of the lifeworld The Holocaust was an outcome of a unique encounter between factors by themselves quite ordinary and common The possibility of such an encounter could be blamed to a very large extent on the emancipation of the political state, with its monopoly of the means of violence and its audacious engineering ambitions, from social control following the step by step dismantling of all non political power resources and institutions of social self management xiii.Yet Bauman is quite un Habermasian in that he does not draw a distinction between instrumental rationality and communicative rationality In Bauman s work, it seems, all reason is instrumental, and modernity is defined by instrumen...

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