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Letters to Dalia From The Introduction Letters To Dali Is The Book I Ve Always Dreamed Of Writing It Is A Collection Of Letters Meant To Be Easily Read Each Letter Covers A Topic I Believe Has Had An Impact On Our Lives As Arabs Living In The Middle East And As Lebanese Who Have Suffered, But Did Not Learn, From The Terrible Consequences Of Civil War.The Letters Main Purpose Is To Send A Simple Message No One Idea Or Person Holds The Ultimate Truth Truth, As Portrayed By Politicians And The Clergy, As A Path To Follow, To Die Or Kill For, Is Not Truth It Is A Means To An End Their Means And Their End On Their Path The Individual Becomes A Helpless Tool It Is This Individual For Whom Letters To Dalia Is Written This Individual Can Be Anyone.

[Reading] ➿ Letters to Dalia  By Hani Soubra – Ladybooks.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Letters to Dalia
  • Hani Soubra
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9781935212140

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    Why is it in this part of the world, the spread of terrorism and the abuse of religion is what define us as Arabs Why aren t we concerned with vital problems that are pulling us down, such as high unemployment, inflation and illiteracy rates Why is it ok for the world to allow over seas intervention on the Lebanese soil, to an extent that all its sovereignty is lost According to Soubra, all goes back to the sectarian and religious conflicts that are spreading around in all the Arab countries and making way to civil wars that are very similar to that in Lebanon In such wars, no logic prevails.Emphasizing the importance of education, Rafiq al Hariri s strongest weapon to fight sectarian fundamentalist conflicts, I quote the writer From education comes culture, and from culture comes the ability to come to terms with others of differing beliefs, be they ideological, religious, or social One of the most interesting chapters...

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    An eye opener This book made me want to go research middle eastern history and politics What I didn t like about the book was how it wasnt very solid or evidence based, but apparently the author did that on purpose to stir people s thought I highly reccommend this b...

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    This was not the book I expected it to be I really don t know what I was expecting when I bought it The subtitle is, Reflections on Lebanon and the Middle East It is actually than that.After reading this book, I now understand what it means to be an Arab Well, as much as I can understand, given my American roots We Americans have little clue as to what other ethnic groups are like, since we tend toward isolationism and drown ourselves in self gratification in front of a television, playing with material possessions, or enjoying sporting events.The author, Hani Soubra, expounds on the mindset of a typical Arab and the environment in which Arabs live We all know it is strikingly different from our own world, here in America, but many of us don t realize how different When faced with the history and evolution of the Arab world, I began to see how their philosophies and lifestyles have been sha...

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    When I read the abstract and the introduction of the book , I had expectations that this book will contain some emotional letters from a suffering Arab to his daughter where he addresses some Arab issues However , it turned out to be a political historical book I had different expectations and I m not really into direct political books so it won t be fair to rank it I did not like stating the writers s political opinions as facts as I believe that there is no ul...

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    I read this book a while ago but I never quite managed to formulate my thoughts to do a review I found it quite a slow read, but then Middle East politics is not something I m well versed in Having said that, the book was very ...

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    This book holds great advices to our new generation in the middle east and an eye opener for them on what to accept and how to determine the kind of nation they want Good read

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    This is a second reading of the book.

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