[KINDLE] ✾ Valderen (Nightfall, #2) ❂ Roger Taylor – Ladybooks.us

Valderen (Nightfall, #2) An Independent Novel Set In The World Of Hawklan, And The Sequel To Farnor Chilled And Cowed By The Violent Fate Of Garren And Katrin Yarrance And The Mysterious Disappearance Of Farnor, The Villagers Can Only Stand By Helpless As Rannick, Increasingly Unstable, And With His Terrifying Powers Growing Daily, Turns His Ambitions Towards The Land Beyond The Valley But In The Wake Of The Plunder And Captives Brought In Triumph To The Castle By Nilsson And His Men, Confident And Arrogant Again, Comes A Shadow From Their Past Meanwhile, In The Great Forest, Farnor Has Survived His Flight From Rannick S Ancient And Unholy Companion With The Help Of The Valderen But His Soul Is Consumed With Anger And Hatred, And An Overwhelming Lust For Vengeance Darkens All Future Paths Despite Their Care, The Valderen Fear Him As Do They To Whom The Great Forest Truly Belongs For They Sense The Power That He Unknowingly Possesses And They Call Him To The Place Of The Most Ancient

[KINDLE] ✾ Valderen (Nightfall, #2)  ❂ Roger  Taylor – Ladybooks.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Valderen (Nightfall, #2)
  • Roger Taylor
  • English
  • 21 September 2019
  • 1843192799

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