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The New Moon's ArmsFirst It S Her Mother S Missing Gold Brooch Then, A Blue And White Dish She Hasn T Seen In Years Followed By An Entire Grove Of Cashew Trees When Objects Begin Appearing Out Of Nowhere, Calamity Knows That The Special Gift She Has Not Felt Since Childhood Has Returned Her Ability To Find Lost Things Calamity, A Woman As Contrary As The Tides Around Her Caribbean Island Home, Is Confronting Two Of Life S Biggest Dramas First Is The Death Of Her Father, Who Raised Her Alone Until A Pregnant Calamity Rejected Him When She Was Sixteen Years Old The Second Drama She S Starting Menopause Now When She Has A Hot Flash And Feels A Tingling In Her Hands, She Knows It S A Lost Object Calling To Her Then She Finds Something Unexpected A Four Year Old Boy Washes Up On The Shore, His Dreadlocked Hair Matted With Shells Calamity Decides To Take The Orphaned Child Into Her Care, Which Brings Unexpected Upheaval Into Her Life And Further Strains Her Relationship With Her Adult Daughter Fostering This Child Will Force Her To Confront All The Memories Of Her Own Childhood And The Disappearance Of Her Mother So Many Years Before.

!!> Download ➹ The New Moon's Arms ➾ Author Nalo Hopkinson – Ladybooks.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The New Moon's Arms
  • Nalo Hopkinson
  • English
  • 03 April 2019
  • 9780446581974

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    Nalo Hopkinson is not Margaret Atwood.This may seem like a strange and perhaps obvious epiphany to have Indeed, some of you might be advanced enough not to need to read an entire book before arriving at it Some of you might be even further advanced say, doctorate in philosophy and question the veracity of this proposition So allow me to explain what I mean, and you philosophers can decide for yourself.I should explain that there are things about Nalo Hopkinson, or specifically about The New Moon s Arms, that remind me of Atwood and her writing Mainly, Calamity Lambkin is a woman coming to terms with the fact that she has accumulated a lot of past She has reached a point in life where people have begun to treat her differently she s the matriarch instead of the woman, the mother instead of the lover Calamity has reached the point where one becomes incredibly, sometimes dishearteningly, aware of the aging process And as this slow internal crisis comes over her, she finds herself in the middle of an external one, personified in the form of a boy who washes...

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    An extraordinary read More magic realist than fantasy, with the inexplicable happenings woven into the fabric of life Gorgeously written Calamity, our narrator, is a profoundly flawed character, causing a lot of pain and damage particularly in her homophobia and biphobia, which are really hard moments to witness , yet we still root for her to stop being her own worst enemy and a dick This is very much a redemption story, one of sea change and escaping shackles in Calamity s case, of bitterness and the results of a hard, oppressive, fearful life She s suffered, and hands the suffering on, and this is very much a story of learning to break those patterns and acknowledge the hurt you cause as well as the hurt you feel.It is also a story of a menopausal woman I have never in my life read a book about a menopausal woman where that was explicitly described and abso...

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    In her usual unique style, Nalo Hopkinson takes the often told folk belief that humans and seals are related, and creates a great story I loved her protagonist Calamity formerly Chastity who, instead of experiencing menopause in the usual manner, discovers that she has regained her prepubescent power as a finder of lost things When she finds a child wrapped in seaweed, she ...

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    The New Moon s Arms is a perfect summer read Set in the Caribbean, it is light splashy and fun and makes you feel like hanging out on the beach while reading it Yet at the same time it is deep and touches on a number of issues Parts are humorous, other parts very sad Calamity, the leading character, experiences many life chang...

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    4.5 stars

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    As a child, Chastity Lambkin could find almost anything a mislaid book, lost change, missing keys all she had to do was concentrate on the item and wait for the last two fingers of her left hand to tingle The day Chastity s mother s empty rowboat drifted ashore, Chastity stopped finding things forever She dared not find the thing she missed most, so she couldn t find anything at all Years later, 52 year old Chastity now called Calamity rediscovers her long gone talent in the unlikeliest of ways and places During her father s funeral, the pin holding up Calamity s supervisor s underpants falls off, sending said bloomers to the ground in a moment of belly aching hilarity When the dust settles, Calamity finds the pin on the ground beside her feet and slips it into her pocket Later she realizes that it s the monogram pin given to her by her mother and lost many, many years before She connects the tingling in her hand to the found object in her pocket The pin, it seems, is the beginning of something Over the next few days, Calamity s hand tingles severa...

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    Wonderful Even better on the second read

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    Engaging and breezily quick read, the first I ve read by Hopkinson and won t be the last She has a smooth, liquid style that works really well with the story she s telling, and the character of Calamity who is difficult and knows it is fun to watch, though she probably wouldn t be all that much fun to actually live with Indeed, most of the people around her, including her daughter, seem to find her a trial, and Calamity s own resistant and irresolute attitude to the inevitability of age begins to make her dislike herself She s not a terribly likable protagonist but she is, in a way, a sympathetic one.Set on the fictional Caribbean island of Cayaba, The New Moon s Arms has the feeling of a story entered halfway through While some flashback sequences and character memories sketch in the details of the backstory just enough for us to understand how those characters exist in the present Hopkinson paints with a broad brush, scattered with carefully chosen details to stand in for the rest By and large, it works.Hopkinson s characters stand out vividly from this backdrop Calamity s daughter, Ifeoma her friend and sometime lover, Gene Ifeoma s father, Michael Calamity herself and, of course, the child Calamity finds washed up on the beach the day after her father s funeral and who she eventually takes in and begins caring for as he...

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    This is an odd little book with a lot of unanswered questions at the end of it It s a bit out there for magical realism, but I m not sure what else to call it Calamity starts the book by burying her father In the aftermath of the funeral, she suddenly hits menopause, but that brings back an ability from her childhood, amplified and strange She can find lost things, but now it works a lot differently than it used to As her new old skill returns, things get stranger An old island legend mixes with an older one from elsewhere, and Calamity isn t prepared when something else new and strange comes into her life How that works out, and whether or not Calamity is imagining at least some of this, is an odd tale Making her life complicated is two old friends from school coming back into her life for very different reasons, a handsome stranger she meets on the beach, an apparently magical orchard, and a mystery from her childhood involving her parents, not to mention a very conflicted relationship with her daughter I wanted to like this book than I did Honestly, Calamity herself is part of why I didn t She s...

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