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Robert Burns: Selected PoemsThe Farmer S Boy From Ayrshire Who Went On To Be The Most Acclaimed Of All Scottish Poets, Celebrated Around The World, Robert Burns Is A Greater And Varied Artist Than Those That Know Him Only Through Annual Burns Suppers And Choruses Of His Auld Lang Syne At New Year Could Imagine This New Selection By Ian Rankin Of Verses And Lyrics From Scotland S National Poet, The Heaven Taught Ploughman , Reveals A Writer Capable Of Evoking Tremendous Sympathetic Power From His Readers And With An Easy, Astonishing Command Of The Sounds And Rhythms Of Both Standard English And The Evocative Scots Tongue It Also Reveals An Artist Of Incredible Range His Tam O Shanter , With Its Midnight Pursuit Of Witches From A Grisly Graveyard Dance, Is Gripping, Fantastical And Funny In Equal Measure, Is There For Honest Poverty Beautifully Expresses The Egalitarian Spirit By Which Burns Became A Political Hero For So Many, And Sentiments Both Romantic Ae Fond Kiss And Bawdy The Fornicator Co Exist In This Canny Selection Of The Best Of The Scottish Bard.

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    my head hurts a little now, but, i really liked it.

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    Burns laid back and down to earth language, tone and subjects perfectly captures everyday life with hilarious wit A reminder that you do not need to be viewed as great, by yourself or others, to make great things Although I will say that I am glad I am from Northern Ireland and could therefore make sense of most of the old Scots colloquialisms which make up Burns poems Not necessarily an easy read think of the language as Scott...

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    My review is on Selected Poems by Robert Burns I noticed the description stated Frost but my ISBN matched their image of the book my cover is different as it shows Robert Burns as painted by Alexander Nasmyth I had picked up this book while visiting Scotland several years back and it was a good read then as it is now His poetry is usually written in dialect which may be difficult to understand for some However, his lyrical style will capture your ear if not y...

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    Burns is the great Scottish poet His work can be difficult for Americans because it is written in Scots, which is very close to English but has several different words and its own idiosyncratic spelling This particular edition does a good job of providing explanatory notes without slowing down the rhythm of the poetry.As a poet, Burns is fascinated with the rural, the common, and the everyday, which often inspires him to think philosophically about humanity s place in the...

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    My first comprehensive introduction to Burns work and very satisfying Covers all the must haves Auld Lang Syne, Tam O Shanter, etc , while not shying away from either his political nor his bawdy verse The notes at the back are extremely useful and valuable, helping those of us not fluent in Scots to parse some of the challenging lines, while adding depth and meaning to the poems And of course the biography and timelines are invaluable as well especiall...

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    I first read this, cover to cover, about 10 years ago when I was looking for a Scottish poem to write a critical essay on when I was still at school.Since then I have loved Burns works, and everything Robert Burns So when I went to visit family and discovered this in a box with l...

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    A really beautiful poet, once you get past the tough Scots dialect One annoying thing about this edition is that the Scots footnotes follow the book so that you have to remember footnotes from previous poems to understand some of ...

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    Enchanting real poetry with feet in the soil Some rhyme a neebor s name to lash Some rhyme vain thought for needfu cash Some rhyme to court the country clash, An raise a din For me, an aim I never fash I rhyme for fun.

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    This is simply a matter of preference I really enjoyed a couple of the poems, however, with the poetry being very musical, I find it hard to enjoy this poetry unless you have the correct accent.

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    Well what do you expect

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