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Mrs. McGinty's DeadMrs McGinty Is Dead And Everyone Suspects James Bentley, Her Slightly Shifty Lodger, But Superintendent Spence Is Suspicious Enough To Ask For Hercule Poirot S Assistance Soon, The Seemingly Simple Situation Turns Into A Complex Web Of Lies And Hidden Identities Unabridged 5 CDs.

➽ Mrs. McGinty's Dead Free ➳ Author Agatha Christie – Ladybooks.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Mrs. McGinty's Dead
  • Agatha Christie
  • Italian
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9788804415626

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    Alas, Mrs McGinty we hardly knew you.Really I mean that She was a widow, a woman who cleaned houses and took in lodgers to make ends meet had a niece whom she saw at holidays, and was perhaps a bit of a nosy parker nothing extraordinary to fill the obituary When Inspector Spence visits the retired Poirot, he shares his troubling concern that the man he arrested for murdering Mrs McGinty, and who is now facing the death penalty, is not truly guilty Yes, yes the circumstantial evidence was damning, but James Bentley s milquetoast personality seems so wrong for the deed Could dear Poirot perhaps put his little grey cells to work But the clues won t be found in McGinty s past as Hercule Poirot points out For, you see, Mon cher Spence, if Mrs McGinty is just an ordinary charwoman it is the murderer who must be extraordinary It is true the murderer is a bit extraordinary The plotting has an interesting premise, albeit perhaps hard to understand in the modern age A second murder because there always is one, isn t there was unsurprising Overall, the book reminded me than a bit of A Murder Is Announced, so perhaps take a break between if you are on a Christie binge, or perhaps visit one of her exotic locales in between.For once, Christie leads with Hercule instead of consulting him later, providing an enjoyable stroll down nostalgia lane Poirot laments the loss of Hastings as a sounding board and audience, but since...

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    Mrs McGinty s Dead Hercule Poirot, 28 , Agatha ChristieMrs McGinty s Dead is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1952 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 3 March the same year An old woman apparently struck dead by her lodger for thirty pounds that she kep...

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    I should, perhaps, madame, tell you a little about myself I am Hercule Poirot The revelation left Mrs Summerhayes unmoved What a lovely name, she said kindly Greek, isn t it Now this is a Poirot novel that strays from the script a bit It s fascinating but there seem to be three parts to this novel and the crime mystery part is the weakest one Yet, I really liked the book because first and foremost, Christie made me laugh out loud quite a few times Eh bien, let s start with the weakest part the crime mystery So, Mrs McGinty is found dead and her lodger has been arrested, is standing trial, and will probably be sentenced to hang, but Superintendent Spence is having doubts and is consulting an old acquaintance to have a look at the case I don t know what you ll go there as, continued Spence doubtfully as he eyed Poirot You might be some kind of an opera singer Voice broken down Got to rest That might do I shall go, said Hercule Poirot, speaking with accents of royal blood, as myself Spence received this pronouncement with pursed...

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    As always, Christie comes through with a great mystery with the mind of Poirot Excellent reading

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    I read this book in my mother language Portuguese I was loving the story but for me the ending was unconvincing and implausible.

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    Fussy Fastidious Vain Brilliant Poirot s back, but is a little bored, and spends his time carefully considering his meals And then Superintendent Spence discusses a case with Poirot of a man who was convicted for bashing his landlady on the head Spence isn t comfortable with the verdict, and gets Poirot to revisit the case for him Poirot goes to the town of the murder and must stay in a dreadful bed breakfast, while interviewing the neighbours and generally getting people agitated about the situation And wonderful Ariadne Oliver shows up in the same town to work with a local playwright to dramatize one of her books and totally misrepresent her story s de...

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    Mrs McGinty s dead How did she die Sticking her neck out, just like I Had Mrs McGinty a drab life Poirot Ghastly, I expect, said Mrs Summerhayes vaguely Always on your knees scrubbing And then piles of other people s washing up waiting for you on the sink when you arrive in the morning If I had to face that every day, I d be positively relieved to be murdered I really would After 2 3 books of literary pretension Hercules Poirot as Hercules, on a quest for detective greatness , Christie lightens up a bit and tries to get silly again about the vain Poirot, with an array of supporting comical characters, some of them and this is pretty rare, since she typically writes of the upper class working class women There are writers of mysteries, and playwrights, that are also targets of satire, but none greater targets than Hercules Poirot, who Christie has a famous love hate relationship with in full swing at this point in her career in 1952, this book was published In this one, she s having fun with him, poking fun at his snobbery than usual, but lightly Has a P G Wodehouse feel to it at times.In this one James Bentley awaits capital punishment, convicted of killing his landlord, Mrs McGinty, but Poirot is engaged to find out who really dunnit The solution involves photographs, a sugar cutter, gender bending names such as Evelyn and Craig Maybe my favorite aspect of it is the character Ariadne Oliver, a mystery writer, a kind of caricature of Christie herself Au...

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    Mrs McGinty s dead How did she die Sticking her neck out, just like I Dame Agatha s penchant to use children s rhymes as an underlying theme for mysteries, enhancing the creepy aspect of many of them, coming to the fore once again Really, I hope someone would do a monograph on this quirky aspect of her novels one day Mrs McGinty was a charwoman at the beginning of the story, she is dead, bludgeoned to death apparently by her lodger who has been convicted of the crime But Superintendent Spence who is investigating the case thinks otherwise, even though the circumstantial evidence is substantial and seeks the help of none other than Hercule Poirot.As Poirot investigates, it becomes evident that matters are not as simple as one thinks it is It seems that Mrs McGinty stuck her neck out and got it cut off This was one of the most humorous books from Christie the tone resembled that of Wodehouse at times Poirot s experience in the horrible boarding house run by the Summerhayes, especially being forced to eat raspberries with mould on them and beans which have been bloodstained from his hostess s cut finger, was hilarious So also Superintendent Spence s exasperation at Poirot s close mouthed nature and cryptic remarks I still remember once sentence which doubled me up At the darkest hour in the investigation, when Spence remarks that the case is puzzling him to death, the Belgian sleuth says Ah, mon ami, it is simple, is it not Dame Agatha writes After th...

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    The truth is I m not very good with people I adore people, don t you said Robin happily No, said Mrs Oliver firmly Mrs McGinty s Dead is, as far as I can tell, a unique product of Christie s prolific mind To begin with, it s unusually funny and ironic, far good naturedly mocking toward the Adorable Egg Head than I would have expected from the book that initiates the final phase of his career Secondly, in a few occasions it offers delicious examples of meta talk between Christie and the readers through the character of our dear old Ariadne Oliver, to whom is not granted enough screen time to be called a proper sidekick, but who nonetheless is charismatic enough to pull her weight beautifully, again with no little humour The mystery, in truth, didn t particularly impress me, though the solution really was unexpected I guess I don t exactly love when big facts necessary to find the culprit are revealed only during the d nouement view spoiler e.g Mr...

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